Annoyed At: Covert Litterers

It annoys me when…

I guess the line started moving before they finished their Diet Coke.
I guess the line started moving before they finished their Diet Coke.

People covertly leave litter behind! The studios of The JOY FM are right next door to a theater. They just wrapped up a run of the musical “Chicago.” And during these last few weeks of school they regularly have school field trips visit the theater during the day. Sometimes the line for the theater entrance will go past my office window and wrap around the corner of the building. That must have the case sometime over this last weekend. And, it appears, some theater-goer was enjoying a canned beverage while on line. Apparently they put their can on the ledge of the building for some reason; maybe they had to answer their phone or discipline an unruly child. Or maybe they had slaked their thirst and were just too lazy to carry the can another 20 paces or so into the theater where they could have disposed of it properly. In any event, they put the can down and then just left it there, walking off thinking no one would notice that they had, in effect, just littered on my building!

OK, this may be more a case of inadvertent littering than covert littering, but the result is the same. There’s a half-full can of Diet Coke sitting on the ledge next to my office window!

Here's a close up of the offense.
Here’s a close up of the offense.
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