Annoyed At: Left Handed Desserts

It annoys me when…

cake 003

bakeries package their desserts in left handed containers. I enjoy a nice slice of cake after lunch on occasion. But whenever I buy one from the Publix bakery it’s always packaged in a left handed fashion. To eat such a piece of cake in the way I believe cake should be eaten, with the icing on the top and left hand side in relation to my eating hand, the right hand. But to eat a piece of cake from Publix in this manner I’m forced to rest my hand on the plastic lid of the container, which is quite uncomfortable.

Oh sure, I could turn the whole thing around to get the lid out of my way, but then the cake is situated in a such a manner as to be upside down! Spoiling the entire dessert experience! Come on Publlix, hire a rightie and flip that cake around before plopping it in the container. Oh, and one more thing, how about selling slices of pie in these containers from time to time?

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