Annoyed At: Sloppy Parkers

It annoys me when…

Parking Pic 01

People park sloppily. Too close to the line, on the line or over the line, taking up more than one parking space.

Such was the case with a Comcast truck parked at a local supermarket. This guy wasn’t just close to the line, he was taking up two entire spots. No way another vehicle could have squeezed in behind him. It was almost like he’d parked that way on purpose. It was such a blatant case of sloppy parking that I couldn’t resist, I had to shoot video.

And the sloppy parker caught me documenting his sorry job. “Is there a problem?” he asked. “Only that you’re taking up two spots,” I responded. “We’re supposed to pull in like that,” he tried blaming it on official company policy. Horsefeathers!

There is never a good reason to hog two parking spaces. If you’re worried about someone hitting your vehicle or running a shopping cart into it then park away from heavy traffic areas, or don’t bring your vehicle to the supermarket.

One of my precision park jobs.
One of my precision park jobs.

I pride myself on precision parking, my vehicle equidistant from the line on either side. Plenty of room to open the doors on either side without bumping them into cars parked next to me.

Take a little pride in your parking, or start taking the bus to the grocery store.

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