Annoyed At: Tiny Hotel Closets

It annoys me when…

TinyCloset pic

I’m on the road and check in to my hotel. The room is nice, everything you’d expect, even hope for. Maybe more. A kitchenette with dishwasher, full refrigerator/freezer, stove top, microwave and coffee maker. There’s a little kitchen table, a couch and easy chair. Free WiFi, flat screen HD TV that rotates so you can see it from almost anywhere. The sleeping area is separated with a full dresser and two bedside stands.

And then there’s the closet. No door. An upper shelf with a handful of hangers. And another shelf too close below that upper one. So close that if I hung my clothes on the upper shelf they’d actually catch on that lower shelf and get all wrinkled. I could have done without the garbage disposal, even without the stove top if they’d only given me a full size closet.

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