Class Clown For Life

You might think that the people who wind up on the radio were very extroverted as kids, that many of the class clowns from your school days are now doing yuck-yuck radio shows.  That is not the case.  Many (if not most) of us were not the extremely out going types or jokesters in school.  It takes someone who is pretty content on their own to spend four or more hours a day cooped up in a little room talking to people that they can’t see. 

Radio does have its share of those class clown types of people, but they’re normally not the type who end up on the air. Those folks end up in sales or underwriting or more behind the scenes areas of programming, like producers.

Two cases in point are pictured below in today’s National Photography Month entry.  Ken, who’s part of The JOY FM underwriting team, and Matt, who’s the producer for the Morning Cruise.

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