FB Friend: Fayth McCormick

We wrap up this month long series of “Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day” with a young lady who I met only once, but will never forget. Her name is Fayth McCormick. I met her on August 4, 2011 and spent just a little more than an hour with her. She was visiting from England and consented to come in on my morning show and be interviewed. A pastor from a local church had met Fayth while on a missions to England. Fayth was one of only a few Christians in her school of over 1,300 kids. Fayth was visiting and spending time with some folks from the church, seeing some of the sights in the States. She had spent the night before at the home of my co-worker, Paige Long.

FB Friend o day 01Fayth shared her testimony (some of that audio is below), described how she came to know Jesus personally, how being a Christian in a country where that’s a rare thing (especially for someone her age) is a constant challenge. She also put up with some good natured fun about the differences between British English and American English. Fayth is a fascinating young woman. I pray for her often.

Fayth McCormick
Fayth McCormick

I don’t hear from her directly, though we did email back and forth a few months after she’d returned home. She wanted the audio files of our interview so she could share them with her parents and friends. I do keep up with her on Facebook. I’m so glad I got the chance to meet her and that she was able to share her story on the air. Hopefully it inspired others who face challenges in living out their faith.

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