FB Friend: Lila Couturier

Today’s “Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day” was something of a pioneer. When I went to work at WLIX, Long Island, Lila Couturier (she used the last name McKenzie professionally back then) was the production director. She was the first female production director I’d ever met, and one of only a few that I’d ever heard of. Even today, that’s a position that is usually filled by men.

FB Friend o day 01Lila was from a small town in Maine (that may be redundant), a single girl living in the huge New York City metro, in a position that was traditionally considered to be a man’s job. She thrived with the challenges. She knew the Lord had her where she was supposed to be and that He would provide whatever she needed to face each day. Over the years we became close friends. Lila was the person Teri and I asked to stay at our home with our then 10-year-old son Caleb while we went to the hospital for Teri to deliver our new daughter Kelsey.

I spoke with Lila not long ago, put her on the air here in Atlanta from her home on the Island to report on the relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the area. I was surprised to learn that she’s no longer in radio. But she does seem to be doing well. And she’s still relying on God’s provision each day.

Lila Couturier
Lila Couturier
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