Jerry Interviews: Mark Lowry

Mark Lowry 01I’m a huge fan of comedy, especially the standup variety. My first records were by comedians. While my friends were learning lyrics of pop songs I was memorizing comedy routines. And I still consider myself something of a connoisseur of comedy.

Mark Lowry Least in the Kingdom 1971One of my favorite comics is Mark Lowry. Mark has been making records and videos since 1989 when his first comedy project was released, For The First Time On Planet Earth. Technically, that wasn’t Mark’s first record. He actually had three earlier albums of his singing. The first, Introducing Mark Lowry: I’m The Least In The Kingdom, was released in 1971 when Mark was 13.

Of all of the Christian comedians, and there have been a lot of them, Mark’s career has been one of, if not the, longest lasting. He’s still touring as a solo act and as part of the Gaither Vocal Band, singing and telling stories.

I’ve had the privilege to know Mark for longer than 25 years, and he is a genuinely funny person. I had the opportunity to speak with him in anticipation of his tour coming to the Atlanta area in August 2016. I share segments of that interview here, along with several videos of Mark, and one of The Martins, the family act who was on that tour with him.

Mark talks about The Martins

Mark and Miss Barth Redeux

Mark talks about Old People

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