One More Reason

Getting ready for the long Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial start of summer.  Many of us will be on the road this weekend, despite the cost of gasoline.  One of the many reasons I enjoy riding a motorcycle is the gas mileage my bike gets.  I filled up this morning on my in to The JOY FM.  Today’s National Photography Month photo is of the final read out of the pump.  Yes, only 3.622 gallons to fill up (my tank holds 4.1 gallons).  On that 3.622 gallons I managed to travel 200.2 miles.  That works out to 55.27 miles per gallon!  That ‘s actually the best gas mileage I’ve managed in awhile, normally I come in between 52 and 53 mpg.

There is one other calculation I’ve done, and it’s slightly more sobering.  It’s the miles per dollar (or mp$) number.  This one will vary much more than mpg, since gas prices fluctuate so much.  My 200.2 miles on 3.622 gallons at $3.479 per gallon works out to 15.888 miles per dollar.  Of course if you did these calculations on your car’s mileage numbers they’d be even smaller.  Let’s say your auto gets a respectable 30 mpg.  That same 200.2 miles would have used up 6.673 gallons of gas in your car.  At a cost of $3.479 per gallon you would paid $23.22 for that stop at the pump.  You would be getting 8.62 mp$ (miles per dollar).  Kind of makes you want to look into getting a motorcycle, doesn’t it?

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