The Latest From Sheila

I spoke with Sheila last night (Thursday 8/4/11) around 8 PM.  Got a good news/bad news report.  First the good news.  The pain is finally at least tolerable.  Sheila reported that there was vast improvement on Thursday compared to the two weeks or so before then.

The less than good news is that the blood clot in her leg doesn’t seem to be responding as the doctors had hoped it would.  They are keeping a close eye on it and keeping Sheila on blood thinners to try and counter it.

Sheila is scheduled for another round of chemo later today (Friday 8/5/11), so she will remain in the hospital until at least sometime on Saturday, but perhaps longer.

We’ll keep you updated on her progress as we hear more.  Please remember to pray for both Sheila and her husband Jimmy.

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