The Most Wonderful Time

It’s December 2, and by now, I think everyone agrees that we’re into the Christmas season. For some of us the season started last week with Thanksgiving. For others, maybe a little earlier. For me it began this year on October 31, the day after the Red Sox won the 2013 World Series. That’s because I observe only two seasons, baseball and Christmas. And when baseball ends, with the close of the World Series, it’s Christmas time for me.

Even though I favor a rather early start to the Christmas season, I managed to hold off on starting this series of entries until the first full week of December. (Though I have been planning, researching and writing since mid-September.) The plan is to have a new blog entry every weekday through Christmas day. Over the next three and a half weeks I’ll cover some scriptures that deal with Christmas (though on first glance the connection to the Christmas story may not be obvious), some traditional Christmas music (and maybe a contemporary title or two), Christmas traditions (both universal and personal), and whatever else may strike my fancy about this most wonderful time of the year.

wonderful time Tree 01

Most of these entries will be pretty short, nothing too awfully heavy or theological. My hope is that something in them will add to the joy of the season for you, maybe make you see the season a little differently, or help you rediscover the awe of the truth we celebrate every December 25. Christmas 2013 will mark my 56th celebration of the birth of the Savior. And while I consider myself a Christmas nut, I’m not a certified expert on all things Christmas. So if some of what you read here seems simplistic or obvious, I apologize. But again, my hope is to get you thinking, if only for a few moments, about what this season really means and why we celebrate.

So merry Christmas. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you discover some enjoyment in the coming pages.

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