Annoyed At The Outside Key Card Reader

It annoys me when…
The outside key card reader won’t read my key card. I’m staying in a hotel. I park closest to the door near my room. For my security that door is locked and can only be opened with my room key card. Now I don’t if it’s because this key card reader is outside, subject to the elements and its protective plastic cover has been broken off, allowing rain and dust to get inside the slot, but it never reads my key card on the first swipe. Or the fourth or the ninth. Sometimes the little light on it will flash red, sometimes it doesn’t come on at all. I can swipe the key card fast, slow, with pressure pushing towards the reader or away from it. Doesn’t seem to matter. It always takes at least 10 swipes to get that little light to flash green, signaling the door has unlocked and I can make my way to my room.
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