Wednesday Post Show Snack

BLAB owl-loadingI’m trying out a new website/app, It’s a live video streaming app that allows up to four people to be “on camera” at the same time. So I’ve scheduled a Blab for today at 3:05 PM EST. And you’re supposed to be able to watch it right here on my website. Hope it works, and hope you’ll join me. And if you miss it live the archived video is supposed to be here. Again, here’s hoping.

UPDATE: The broadcast came off without a hitch and the “archived” version is below. As you’ll see, no one actually tuned in, but I did manage to scare up a “guest” of sorts. It was me calling in using the Blab app on my iPhone. Maybe next time I should promote the video a little further out. Anyway, it’s here, enjoy.

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