Annoyed At: Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

It annoys me when…

Sprinklers 01

Automatic lawn sprinklers continue to water ground that has standing puddles on it from recent heavy rains. Now I realize that these sprinklers are set to come on automatically. Still, is it necessary to water grass and dirt that’s already so saturated that there are puddles all over it?

Sprinklers 03Couldn’t whoever set the timers in the first place simply turn off the “auto” function until the ground has a time to absorb the water that’s already standing on it? What would be even better is if all automatic lawn sprinklers included some sort of moisture sensor that would keep the sprinklers from coming on when the ground is at a certain level of saturation.

Sprinklers 02It’s not as if these sprinklers are all that efficient anyway, half of the water is aimed at the pavement. And in conditions like what I’m describing, the rest of the water is simply rolling off to somewhere, or sitting, inviting mosquitoes to lay their eggs in it.

This whole thing is setting the stage for watering restrictions when the rains cease in July and August, and a bumper crop of mosquitoes!

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