Annoyed At: Empty Toilet Paper Rolls Redux

It annoys me when…

Here we go again!
Here we go again!

People leave a shared restroom after using all of the toilet paper on the roll without replacing it. Especially after I’ve addressed this issue in a previous blog post.

I walked it off, it’s a mere five steps from the roll holder on the wall to the little basket containing the spare rolls and back again. That’s almost within arm’s reach of a seated position on the only seat in the room. Not far at all, unless you happen to be seated and in need of the paper in question. In that instance those five steps may as well be five miles.

TP screen grab 02
Measures will be taken!

This is quickly approaching outrage proportions! Measures will be taken. Serious measures. Extreme measures. The curmudgeon will not rest until this culprit is identified and brought to justice!


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