Annoyed At: Cellphone Lady Outside My Office

It annoys me when…

Cellphone lady 01

People carry on conversations on their cellphones right outside my office. And not only do they talk on their phone loud enough for me to hear every word, they pace back and forth from my outer office door to my office window and back, again and again. Over and over. Talking loudly. Pacing incessantly. Oblivious to the fact that there are people on the other side of those thin panes of glass who can hear every word they speak. People who are trying to get some work done, but who can’t concentrate because of annoying cellphone lady’s 20+ minute combination walk and conversation.

Cellphone lady 02This particular woman ran the gamut of emotions on this particular phone call; angry, happy, sad, ecstatic. Giving unique, and often times bellowing, voice to each emotion. Right outside my office. For more than 20 minutes. I finally had to get up from my desk and leave my office in order to be able to concentrate and get any work done. Next time I’m just going to open the door and follow her around as she wears a rut in the sidewalk outside my office. Maybe then she’ll get the hint.

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