Annoyed At: Items Removed From The Kitchen

It annoys me when…

There's no kitchen in this back seat.
There’s no kitchen in this back seat.

People remove items from the kitchen even though it clearly states on the item “Do Not Remove From Kitchen.” Such was the case with the step ladder pictured above (click on the picture for a bigger image and to see the “Do Not Remove From Kitchen” clearly written on it more clearly). I spotted it in the back seat of a car parked in the lot at work. It sat there for at least two days before I took this photo. It was a red Ford, and it was not equipped with a kitchen. So I must deduce that the person who removed the step ladder from the kitchen either could not read or cared little that they were leaving the kitchen in question step ladder-less.

Such behavior demonstrates the crumbling of the social contract which separates us from mere beasts. And you know what it will lead to don’t you? In that now step ladder-less kitchen someone will have to stand on a table or counter to reach the top cupboard or change a light bulb.

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