Annoyed At: My iPhone Battery

It annoys me when…

6 hours and 36 minutes? That's all you got iPhone?
6 hours and 36 minutes? That’s all you got iPhone?

My iPhone battery won’t hold a charge through the work day! Honestly, this is one of life’s (in the 1st world anyway) biggest annoyances. Actually the 6 hours and 36 minutes that it took my iPhone battery to go from 100% charged to 10% charged is a HUGE improvement over how long it was holding a charge just a few days ago. I had been needing to charge my iPhone three or fours times a day. I suspected one of the apps on the phone must have been sucking all of the life out of the battery. So I deleted ALL of my apps. Or at least all of the apps that I’d downloaded myself. The apps that Apple so thoughtfully (or thoughtlessly, depending on your point of view) included on the phone don’t allow you to delete them.

Once ALL of those apps were gone my battery life went from two hours or so to six-plus hours. But shouldn’t that battery at least get me through a workday? I remember when the phone was new (and I’ve only had it for about a year) I would only need to charge it overnight and I’d be good for the entire day. No more. And since I’m under contract with my wireless service provider and not eligible for a reduced-rate upgrade till next summer, I’m stuck with this slowly deteriorating, panty waisted  battery till then.

On the upside though, I did learn how easy it is to not be checking Facebook and Twitter on my phone all day.

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