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If you spend more than 30 years in the same profession like I have, you get to meet quite a few interesting, fun and caring people. All three of those adjectives describe today’s Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day, Doug Hannah.

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I’ve known Doug for right around 20 years. We’d see each other a couple of times every year at Christian radio functions in Nashville and Atlanta. We each served on some industry committees, so we’d also spend time together in places like New York, Chicago, Denver. The longer I knew Doug the more I came to appreciate his quick wit and willingness to serve.

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Doug Hannah

It was on a trip to Colorado Springs that I really got to know Doug. We bumped into each other in the St. Louis airport. We were both on the same connecting flight to the Springs. We sat in the terminal and talked. And talked. And then talked some more. We talked right through the announcement that the gate for our flight had been changed and we missed the flight. It was the last flight that night to Colorado Springs. But we were able to get onto a plane to Denver. About ten minutes into that flight there was a loud “boom” and the aircraft shuddered. Then we started banking hard to the left.  A moment later the pilot come over the speakers telling us that we’d lost an engine and had to return to St. Louis and wait for another plane. A couple of hours later we were back in the air with the flight and then a drive from Denver to Colorado Springs still ahead of us.

Doug was kind enough to put the rental car on his card and do the driving. We got to spend a little more time talking in those wee hours of the morning driving through the Rocky Mountains. I was impressed not only with Doug’s kindness, but his intelligence. He had some truly original ideas about how to better serve God through Christian radio. We haven’t talked for several years; Doug has since moved to Nashville and I haven’t been to a radio industry function in a few years. But I always think fondly about Doug. Though I’ll never get on another plane with him.

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