FB Friend: Ellen Erdvig

Wrapping up this first week of “My Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day” with someone special: Ellen Erdvig.

FB Friend o day 01

Ellen was (and still is) married to Lloyd, who was my boss and the General Manager at WLIX on Long Island, NY. (Lloyd, like so many of us in radio, used a different last name professionally.) Those days on the Island were amazing. We were there from 1988 till 1995. Ellen was a friend from the day Teri and I met her, during my interview, which happened to take place at Ellen and Lloyd’s home. Ellen was wonderful about opening her home. After our house burned down in February of 1989 Ellen organized a clean up party to help us salvage the few items that hadn’t been destroyed. And she opened her home for Teri, Caleb and I to stay for weeks until we could find another place.

But that’s how Ellen was. She and Teri took some sewing (or was it knitting or crocheting) classes together one year. And she organized and hosted the best office Christmas parties I’ve ever attended. She is warm, outgoing, fun and funny. Always ready to lend a hand, pitch in or sit with you and pray.

Ellen Erdvig
Ellen Erdvig

Those were some happy times on Long Island and at WLIX. Ellen made them even more enjoyable.

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