FB Friend: Gary DeVeau

Today’s “Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day” is another former co-worker from WLIX Long Island, Gary DeVeau. Gary had one of the toughest jobs in radio, he was in sales. Selling ad time on a contemporary Christian AM radio station on Long Island was hard work. I certainly would never want that job. But Gary looked at it as an opportunity for ministry. He saw it as a way to help his clients and our listeners by introducing them to one another through the trusted voice of our station.

FB Friend o day 01When you have a job like Gary had, you have to have a positive attitude, the rejection is too constant to enable you to survive otherwise. For every “yes, I’ll buy” Gary got he received dozens of “you must be crazy, get outta my office” responses. But Gary was grounded solidly in his faith and the eternal value of what he was about.

WLIX is now but a memory, but a fond one. Gary is in full-time ministry, still on the Island. And, from what I gather from following him on Facebook, doing quite well.

Gary DeVeau
Gary DeVeau
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