FB Friend: Russ Lee

Over more than 30 years in radio, I’ve had the privilege of meeting quite a number of the artists I’ve played on the air. And many of them I consider to be friends. It strikes me as a little odd then that only one of them is friends with me on Facebook. Well, that certainly made choosing today’s “Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day” a little easier. It’s Russ Lee.

I first met Russ when he was singing with the group Newsong. (By the way, those guys put on one of the best live shows you’ll ever experience.) I was at first impressed with Russ’ vocal abilities. That boy can sing. But as I spent more time with him, during in-studio interviews, backstage before and after shows, and even once during a show (yes, they pulled me on stage during an encore at a concert in St. Louis, a mistake they never repeated) I came to appreciate his heart for service even more.

FB Friend o day 01To say that Russ is on fire for the Lord would be a gross understatement. Words like enthusiasm and exuberance don’t even come close to his excitement about his faith. He once told me, “I came to the Lord years ago, and I still can’t over it, all He’s done for me.” It was a treat to see Russ every time Newsong came to town, or after he’d gone solo, getting a chance to see Russ by himself. He can still flat out sing. But that’s nothing compared to how the Lord uses his heart to reach hurting people.

Russ Lee
Russ Lee
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