FB Friend: Greg Cassidy

My younger brother Mike introduced me, long distance, to today’s “Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day” back in the early 90s. I was working at WLIX, Long Island, NY at the time. Mike was doing some part-time weekend on-air work at WCBW, St. Louis. He called me and said that Greg Cassidy, who was doing the morning show with Sandi Brown at WCBW, was going to be attending his first GMA (Gospel Music Association) week and didn’t know many guys who’d be attending. He’d told Greg to look me up in Nashville.

FB Friend o day 01Greg and I connected early that week and became immediate friends. We were the kind of guys who don’t complicate things. Greg has a quick, acerbic wit about him. And he has a giant heart. We saw each other and hung out every year at GMA after our initial meeting. Eventually I went to work with Greg in St. Louis, though that time was short lived. Not long after I arrived at WCBW (and Greg graciously gave up his office for me) the station was sold and the format changed.

Greg Cassidy
Greg Cassidy

A group of us formed a not-for-profit and worked to get a new signal for the format. I left to go to work in Atlanta before that dream became a reality. But it did become a reality. And Greg was doing mornings in St. Louis with Sandi Brown again until just recently. They had become an institution in that town. But Greg will continue to find a way to reach people with his cutting humor and big heart.

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