FB Friend: Jim Galipeau

FB Friend o day 01

During the month of November I’ll be highlighting one of my Facebook Friends as “My Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day.” The criteria for inclusion in this exclusive group is pretty simple:

  • You have to be my friend on Facebook
  • You and I must actually have a little more history than simply being “friends” on Facebook.

My first Facebook Friend Of The Day is: Jim Galipeau!

Jim Galipeau 01
Jim Galipeau

Jim and I met in 1995 when I went to work at WJIE in Louisville, KY. I was the Program Director and did the morning show, Jim was Assistant PD/Music Director and did the mid day show. I love Jim Galipeau. Even though he is a Boston Red Sox fan (the dirty bum), he is a funny, intelligent, thoughtful guy. Jim has dealt with his share of adversity in life, and through it all has remained steadfast in his faith. Jim is still at WJIE, where he’s been the Program Director for years.

Congratulations Jim, on the Bosox World Series victory and on being my first “Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day!”

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