FB Friend: Jimmy Harper

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And today’s Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day is: Jimmy Harper.

Jimmy Harper
Jimmy Harper

Jimmy holds a special place in my heart. He was married to my long time co-host, the late Sheila Richards. We met around the time he and Sheila started dating. I prayed for him a lot back then. Through the years we got to know each other pretty well. We spent a good deal of time talking, usually at station events waiting for Sheila to say good-bye to one last listener.

As Sheila began losing her final battle with cancer we talked a little more. Jimmy remained strong throughout that long year of 2011. It was heartwarming to see how Jimmy leaned on his faith to see him through those difficult last days of August. Since then we haven’t seen each other as often, but when we do, Jimmy always has a big hug for me. We do talk, but not nearly often enough. Life goes on. And it’s good to know that Jimmy still rests in that faith that has gotten him far too many tough times already. Jimmy, we have to go shooting one of these days.

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  1. Jimmy Harper

    Jerry you hold a special place in my life as well man. What great words you said about me. I give all the cudos to God. Without him I couldn’t have made it thru the tough times. Your a great friend and I cherish our friendship. Yes we do need to go shoot soon.

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