Old Friends

I was looking through old photographs last night, searching for a couple of specific shots.  I didn’t find either one, but I did come across quite a few that made me smile.  The one I’ve posted here (for today’s National Photography Month entry) was taken somewhere between 1989 and 1994.  That was back before digital photography, so there’s no metadata, no file on a hard drive to help me narrow the date range.  Metadata back then was added AFTER you got your pictures back from the lab and wrote on the back of the photo.  I was not very good at remembering to add metadata.

Because I rarely took the time to document those old photographs, sometimes I have trouble remembering who all the people in the picture are.  That is the case in this photo.  I have no idea of the name of the guy on the far left.  Working left to right, the next person is me.  Then guitarist extraordinaire Phil Keaggy.  And finally, Dave Cruse, currently of The Morning Cruise on The JOY FM.

Back when that photo was taken Dave was, I believe, still at a station in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  I was working at a station on Long Island, New York.  We were in my hotel room in Nashville, TN, during Gospel Music Association (GMA) Week.  Back then I’d do my morning show from the room, featuring artist interviews all week.  So that means that the un-named individual was probably someone who worked for Phil’s record company.  Dave was there because somewhere along the line of seeing each other year after year at these GMA events we’d become friends.  Dave wasn’t doing his show from Nashville that year, so he came and hung out with me.  We’ve both, Dave and I, changed some during those intervening years, especially our hairlines.  But we’ve remained friends and we’re finally getting a chance to work together, though it’s long distance, at The JOY FM.

Left to right: Can’t remember his name, me, Phil Keaggy, Dave Cruse
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