Ready For The Rain

Since I started riding a motorcycle five years ago I’ve become much more aware of the weather.  And I’ve learned that you can’t always trust those “chance of rain” percentages.  I’ve ridden when there was a 20% chance of rain and gotten soaked and taken the car when the forecast called for a 90% chance of rain and not seen a drop all day.

So most days, unless it’s actually raining or below freezing when it’s time to leave the house, I’ll ride the motorcycle.  But I am always prepared for any change in the weather.  Take today.  Got up this morning, checked the forecast.  Around a 30% chance of rain.  Then just after 3 PM thunder and lightning rolled in.  Then the showers.  I was ready for them.  There’s always a rain cover for the bike and rain gear (pants, jacket and boot covers) for me in the saddlebags.

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