Remembering Sheila

Sheila is finally Home.

Her husband Jimmy called me on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 6:20 AM and told me, “She’s gone.”

We all knew it was coming.  Somehow that didn’t make it any easier.

Dave Cruse, who does the morning show at our sister station, the Joy FM in Florida, put together a tremendous audio tribute.  I’ve added a few pictures.  The video/audio is below.

Thank you for all your wonderful thoughts, prayers and memories shared on this blog, the J93.3 Face Book page and through phone calls on the air.  Please continue to pray for Jimmy and the rest of Sheila’s family.

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11 Replies to “Remembering Sheila”

  1. Anonymous

    Sheila has made an impact in my life, although I never met her in person. I listened to her and Jerry during both their times doing the morning show. Her final words each morning “let your light shine” were always said with such joy! She was always reminding us to prioritize Jesus throughout our day and loving others as he did. Her testimony will live on, I know it will in me and I look forward to seeing her in person so that I can thank her. Prayers are and will continue to go up for her husband, family and coworkers. In Christ, Jason Carpenter.

  2. Anonymous

    I was pulling in my street as I heard this yesterday. I cried. My thoughts and prayers immediately turned to you and her family. Then today I learned a young lady on my bus mom passed away last week. She had been out, but no one told me why. I began to cry when she told me. I hope God can use me to help her because I lost my mom too when I was a child.

  3. Anonymous

    When I look at the time that Sheila left this earth, I can only think of how her “JOY came in the morning”!!! I can only imagine what she did when she was in the presence of the Lord. And I can only imagine how he praised her for her faithful service to him. She blessed me in the years that I listened to her and touched my heart many times. Her words helped me through difficult times and opened my eyes to God’s Love which is around us at all times. May all who loved her feel God’s loving arms around them at this time. God’s amazing grace, love and mercy provides us with the knowledge that we will see her again and will not be parted again the next time. May you all have a peace that passes all understanding during this time in your life.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey my brothers and sisters in christ. I have been listening to J933.3 for while now and I remember that morning Sheila said the cancer had return for the fourth time my heart sunk. I know her sister-in-law we both attend Peachtree city seventhday adventist church. I always dreaded the day that I would not hear her sweet voice, although I did not know her in person I feel a deep connection to her and look forward to hearing her testimony about her faith in God each morning. I know she is in a better place and hope to meet her one day. May God comfort Jimmy and Jessica at this time, knowing that sheila did well and is now resting at the feet of our saviour. Sheila voice is silent now, but the legacy you have left behind will surely lives on our hearts.

  5. Anonymous

    I didn’t realize that Shelia had passed until this morning. When I heard the news I started crying. My heart breaks for her family as well as all of us listeners who loved to hear her voice on J93.3. She was my personal trainer at the YMCA and I loved her smile and cheerful spirit. She was such and encourager. I just recently lost my father, so the sense of loss is still fresh in my life so I really feel for Jimmy, Jessie, and the rest of her family. My sweet daughter would ask every morning, “How is Shelia doing?” Today after school I can tell her she’s completely healed and rejoicing in heaven–maybe she’s even met “Papa.” Love, Alexa Lucas

  6. Anonymous

    my step dad listen to her everyday going to work he will miss her dearly and will keep her family in prayer and it brings in tears wen i hear any songs that remind me of her i will miss her to

  7. Anonymous

    As we weep, She and God rejoice. I will truley miss you Shelia. You Blessed me abundantly. I have listened to J93 for years. I will truely miss that special voice, that special presence. God Blessed Me daily through Shelia. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy and Jessie and their entire family. My thoughts and prayers fo out to Jerry and the whole J93 family. …I am selfish, I can not stop crying for ME as I will miss her though I never met her. The loss is GREAT but her GAIN is much GREATER! God Bless you all! Teresa…TC

  8. Anonymous

    even thou i have never met shelia or talk to her i listen to her and i felt close to her
    she had such a sweet voice on the air . i wish that i could have met her she seem to be so close to god and now i know that she is .
    i will be praying for her family

  9. Mickie

    Hi Jerry …. you sort of know me, I called in a request Tuesday morning on the way to work (Brandon Heath’s I’m Not Who I Was) … I was so excited you answered that I left out alot of reasons why I requested that song! But, I’ll get to that a bit later ….
    I’ve been listening to you in the mornings the past several weeks (yes, I’m an MMMP!). I am touched by your overwhelming emotion and tears when reading scripture … believe it or not, I thought I was the only one who did that! But, mostly, I noticed your sadness, helplessness and devotion to Sheila and her struggles. I’m an oncology nurse … I have lost count of the beautiful spirits GOD has put in my life. These survivors who love, inspire, teach and participate in a journey I can’t even begin to understand. I am priviledged without deserving it; I love them, I miss them and I think about how blessed I am to be a blessing. So, I guess I can have empathy for how you are feeling, and I want you to know that YOU are not alone. Are you OK? Isn’t it amazing how sadness, grief, tears, peace and comfort can all happen at the same time? Again, please know that I understand and I will pray for you. Sheila would have it no other way!
    Now, back to this morning … that song by Brandon Heath is the exact words I would like to speak to everyone I love, everyone I’ve loved and won’t see until heaven, everyone I can reach out to. These words I can say to GOD in my prayers. And, I’ve been talking recently to a man that I had a relationship with many years ago. I’m NOT who I was … and GOD isn’t finished yet! I want love so much …and, like Brandon Heath expresses so well, I’ve discovered the secret … that amazing grace and unconditional love from my Father GOD and his son who felt I was worth dying for!
    I just wanted to share all that with you. Please continue to do what you do and know that those of us who listen are blessed in more ways than we will every understand ….
    In His Peace ….. Mickie

  10. Anonymous

    I had no idea Sheila was ill. I enjoyed listening to her very much and am sad to see another person lose their battle with ovarian cancer. I pray that her family and friends will feel God’s mercy at this difficult time.

  11. Anonymous

    there will be no one like Sheila!! i am so sad that i won’t get to hear her voice on the air again. I praise God that she is with Him in Heaven and we will get to hear her soon!

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