This Is The Generation

Every generation in history has thought of itself as the one that would change the world. And then the next generation would deride them for all of their mistakes and the mess they had made of the world. The generation gap is nothing new, though the phrase was coined in the 1960s when the young people of the day told each other “Don’t trust anyone over 30.”

Yet in every generation there have been those who recognize what it actually takes to change the world, clean hands and a pure heart, as David wrote in Psalms 24. David certainly understood that all the earth, all the earth contains and all who inhabit the planet belong to God.

And in that understanding is the truth that God is the King of Glory, strong and might, mighty in battle. If we seek to make any lasting change to the world in which we live it must begin with the understanding that it all is God’s, and His alone and to receive and share blessings, righteousness and salvation we must acknowledge, seek and serve Him.

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