Your Favorite Holiday: Results

I finally have a definitive ranking of holidays based on your responses to my recent survey. I listed 17 holidays and asked you to rank them with #1 being your favorite and #17 being your least favorite.

There were a few surprises, like the #6 holiday on the list, Jerry Williams Birthday! Time to petition Congress to make that one a national holiday!

The top 5 were not much of a surprise; all of them had some spiritual or patriotic significance. Christmas and Christmas Eve finished #1 and #2, followed by Thanksgiving at #3, Easter at #4 and The Fourth of July, or Independence Day at #5, barely squeaking by Jerry Williams Birthday in the final hours of the survey.

Five different holidays received 1st place votes, with Christmas picking up nearly 58% of them. Christmas Eve received 17% of 1st place votes while Thanksgiving, Easter and Your Birthday each got 8% of those top votes.

The graph of the complete listing is below. Thanks for taking the time to fill out the survey.

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