Update On Sheila

I spoke with Sheila’s husband, Jimmy, around 5pm today (Tuesday 8/2).  Sheila was released and came home from the hospital yesterday, Monday.  However, she had a very rough night and the medicine she was sent home with did little or nothing to relieve the pain.

On her doctor’s advice she returned to the hospital and was re-admitted this morning.  That’s about all Jimmy knew at this point.  Keep Sheila in your prayers, this battle with pain has been going on now for several weeks and has to be wearing her out, though her spirits remain quite good.  Also remember to pray for Jimmy as this is also wearing him down emotionally and physically.  Thankfully Jimmy’s mom is able to be at the house and help out.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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4 Replies to “Update On Sheila”

  1. Jenny

    Praying that God holds Sheila and Jimmy close through this time. And for you too, Jerry. It can’t be easy to see your friend and coworker go through things like this.

  2. Anonymous

    Jerry, is it possible for you to let us know which hospital is treating Sheila?? I would love to go by and pray with her. Mae Nunn

  3. Anonymous

    I never met Sheila, but I knew her through J93.3 and it was always fun and a blessing to hear her and Mike first then from her and Jerry. I admire her strength, her courage and her perseverance. It’s really hard not to hear from her on my way to work in the morning. Let’s continue to pray for Sheila and her family, for healing and for hope. God bless J93.3 and everyone involve in this great Christian radio station.

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