Collected Haiku Part 1

April is Poetry Month and Thursday April 17 is Haiku Day. In honor of that fact, Jerry shares some of his Haiku here.

Indoor Plumbing
Oh, indoor plumbing,
Under appreciated
Til drains flow backwards.

The I.R.S.
IRS holds my
Dough all year, then makes me think
Refunds are a gift!

Haiku Tweet
Can you tweet Haiku
With one-forty characters
Given you? Just did.

Fast Food Poetry
You want a Haiku?
I got your Haiku right here,
Fast food poetry.

What Is Haiku?
First five syllables,
Then you go with seven more,
Add five more, Haiku!

Haiku Master 01

You can listen to Jerry recite these epic examples of Haiku here:

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