Day One-Eighteen: Milestone

Teri rang the bell today. It’s the traditional signal that a patient has finished their radiation therapy. She started radiation on Monday, May 1 and went every weekday, with the exception of Memorial Day, for a full six weeks, 30 rounds of radiation.

Fatigue set in somewhere during the second week, with a sunburn-like soreness following shortly after. There has also been some pain in the muscles and under Teri’s right arm. Doctor Santiago says all of that should begin to fade away within a couple of weeks.

In addition to the ceremonial bell ringing the staff at the doc’s office snapped a couple of photos, gave Teri a canvas bag and presented her with a certificate, documenting her successful completion of treatment.

Tomorrow, Day One-Nineteen, Teri begins the next phase of treatment. Daily pills for the next five years which will help ensure the cancer does not return. This is the medication which allowed her to not have to undergo chemotherapy.

For now Teri is thrilled that this phase of treatment is finally over. “It seems like an eternity,” she said about half way through the six weeks. And now it is over and Teri has her mornings back to herself.

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