FB Friend: Chris Hauser

I’ve known today’s “Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day” for well over 30 years. That entire time he’s lived in the Nashville area, though he’s worked for a number of record companies, and in 1998 went out on his own as an independent record promoter. We’re talking about Chris Hauser.

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Chris worked for a couple of major record labels, promoted some pretty big records. As an indie he has some room for discretion in the records he promotes. Over the years as I programmed a number of radio stations I got to know Chris pretty well. He may be the only record guy to have been at my home on more than one occasion. He was always passionate about the music, or more accurately, the message in the music.

Chris is one of the few guys on the record side who’s been working in the industry longer than I have, so it’s always a pleasure to sit and reminisce with him about “where are they now” and “whatever happened to.” Somehow Chris manages to keep track of all that stuff. But don’t get the idea that he’s only about “the good old days.” Chris is very plugged in to the latest trends, who’s moving up and who’s cooling off. But he does have a love for the classics. I can’t wait to see him again and hear about his trip to the UK to see Mott The Hoople.

Chris Hauser
Chris Hauser
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