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If you’ve ever heard of today’s “Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day” then the first word to come to mind might be “funny.” But there’s a lot more to Steve Geyer than comedy. I don’t recall exactly where or when I first met Steve. It had to be in the late ’80s or early ’90s. Steve was doing full-time stand up comedy back then. Christian comedy.

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He’d begun his career the way many comics do, on the club circuit. He opened for and worked with people like Ray Romano, Sinbad and Billy Crystal. Then Jesus got a hold of him. He still did comedy, was very funny as I remember, but his life and point of view had been eternally altered so his act changed as well. Steve got a record deal and released three albums. And he toured. A lot.

Fast forward to 2003 or 2004. I’m working at WVFJ, Atlanta. I go to do an event at Heritage Christian Church in Fayetteville and Steve walks in. Turns out he’s on the pastoral staff at the church. We spent a few minutes catching up, reminiscing. Since then we see each other once in a while. But here’s the thing about Steve. He never calls to ask a favor for himself. When he has an idea that he’d like some help with it always, as in every time, involves helping someone else.

Late in 2012 Steve had an idea for an interview on the station. He was involved with an upcoming event to help raise awareness for a school that works with special needs kids. That “interview” turned into a week long series of some of the most compelling interviews I’ve ever done as my co-host, Shannon Steele, and I talked with parents of the kids who attended the school. Steve was there for each session, taking pictures, smiling, laughing, crying. Never asked to go on the air. Just happy to be able to help get the word out. That’s one of Steve’s primary efforts these days, seeing a need and then putting people and resources together to address that need and further the Kingdom.

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Steve Geyer

Steve recently announced that’s going to start doing comedy again. Not exclusively, but he’s going to be giving it a good deal more attention than he has in the past few years. I can’t wait to catch his act. Cause while his heart is all about ministry he is still a very funny guy.

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