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You get to know someone pretty quickly when you share a hotel room with them for a weekend. That’s how I got to know today’s “Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day,” Steve Swanson. It was at an AC (adult contemporary) Christian radio seminar in Atlanta in the mid ’90s. The seminar was all comped, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the record labels. But to keep costs a little closer to manageable everyone had to share a room. And that’s how Steve and I met.

FB Friend o day 01We swapped radio stories, our faith journeys and family histories. We learned that we had almost had each other’s job. Both of us had been looking at the same time a year or two before and had each talked to the station that the other wound up going to work for. I think Steve got the better end of that deal, he’s still with the same company (though he has moved around within the company a little) while I would go through three more career moves before winding up in Atlanta in 1998, working for the same company as Steve.

Since then we see each other a couple of times a year at company programming and management meetings (though we haven’t shared a room since our initial meeting in Atlanta). The longer I know Steve the more I come to admire him. He’s a solid radio guy, knows his stuff and I always learn something every time we talk shop. But more than that, he’s about the most even-tempered guy I know. He’s the kind of man that when he says he’ll pray for you, you feel a little better, cause you know Steve and the Lord are going to have a real in depth conversation about your concern. Steve is one of those guys I’m honored to call friend and brother and I’m glad we’re working for the same ultimate goal.

Steve Swanson
Steve Swanson
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