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I only got the privilege of working with today’s “Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day” for a little over a year. But it was a great time with Chuck Haddaway. It was Louisville, KY, my second tour in the city. Chuck officially did sports on the morning show I hosted and we had another person doing news. We actually pulled off a pretty decent morning show. It helped that Chuck was willing to stretch and become more of a full-fledged co-host instead of just a sports guy.

FB Friend o day 01He had a lot to offer, and not just on-air. Chuck was (and I imagine, still is) an open, jovial guy with a great heart and a deep love for the Lord. He was active in his church and the community. And the combination of his love for sports and the Lord gave him some tremendous opportunities for ministry and service. And he took advantage of all of them. We still comment on each other’s status updates and such on Facebook. It’s great to see how well he continues to do.

Chuck Haddaway
Chuck Haddaway
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  1. Chuck Haddaway

    Thanks, Jerry Williams. Those were great times… Jerry Williams & the Wake Up Crew… #4 in morning AQH for Louisville! I’m not sure it was anybody’s talent that led us to those lofty ratings heights, it was probably the constant squawk of the morning chicken! (ha!) Was fun to work a short time with you at Lite 106.9 too. I still have some “Best of…” tapes somewhere around here, but who’s got a cassette player any more?

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