Solar Eclipse 2017

We had a Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, a Monday. I heard that at least one woman complained about it being on a Monday and asked (I’m not sure who) if it could be moved to the weekend, since she had to work on that day. The world is full of wacky people.

At the time of the eclipse I was also at work, but that didn’t stop from enjoying it. Of course, since I’m on the radio I have a little bit more freedom with what actually constitutes “work” than many people.

Not only did I view the Eclipse, but I shot video of it, and of my preparation for it. At my office, which is in Tyrone, GA, we saw 95.95% total eclipse, not bad. Though I was expecting a bit more darkness.

Here’s my construction of an Eclipse viewing box.

And here’s my coverage of the Solar Eclipse itself, which originally aired lived on my Facebook page. Sorry for the orientation, I shot it on my iPhone.

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