The More Things Change…

We’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing this summer.  At J93.3 we’re promoting it as “The Summer To Remember,” with some great prize packages targeted at helping listeners make memories.  A few weeks ago on the morning show we did a “Flashback Friday,” playing a boatload of old songs that triggered memories of a more innocent time (we’ll be doing another Flashback Friday this week, 7/8).

All of this memory lane stuff has me thinking about my Grandma Williams.  Grandma was born at the turn of the last century and went home to be with the Lord just a month shy of her 94th birthday.  Grandma saw a lot of things change during her lifetime.  She lived through two World Wars, multiple conflicts in southeast Asia and the Middle East, the Great Depression, Cold War, energy crisis and 18 U.S. presidents; McKinley was president when she was born and Clinton was in the White House when she died.

Grandma witnessed the beginning of air travel, radio, television, mass production of the automobile, the space program and man’s first steps on the moon.  She claimed the weather was never the same after Neil Armstrong took that “one giant leap for mankind.”  Not all the changes she lived through were good.  And whenever some new fangled technology would fail to live up to its promise she would say, “Well, that’s progress for ya.”

The one change that Grandma always welcomed though was the change wrought in someone’s heart through the grace of God in Jesus.  She couldn’t get enough of that, especially when it happened to family members.  Through all the “progress” of the 20th century, through all the change and innovation, Grandma was secure in her faith.  Because she based it on the promise found in Hebrews 13:8, that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.  And that fact, Grandma always taught us, was worth always remembering.

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