Money Saving Tips Have A Limit

I broke down and turned on the AC at home on Sunday, 7/3.  We managed to get through over 21 straight days of 90 degree plus weather, but on Sunday the humidity coupled with the heat was too much for some in my household to bear.

Now some may not think running the AC isn’t such a big deal, and others can’t bear to live without it.  For me it was a budgetary thing.  We had made it through all of the summer of 2010 without it, and I was shooting for the same low utility bills this year.  But we do have young children living with us now, so I bit the bullet and flipped the thermostat to “cool.” 

There are other ways we’re trying to be thrifty at my house.  We’re making a real effort to consolidate our trips to save a little money on gas.  We’ve cut back on the premium package on our cable TV service and we’re looking at dropping the land line home phone all together, since we all have cell phones.

 Here’s me, saving money on gas and having a great time doing it.

My favorite money saving move is the motorcycle.  Granted, that’s not the main reason I bought it.  It’s not even the main reason I ride it still.  But it is nice to get 58 miles per gallon while having a great time.

I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to cut back to make up for running the AC this summer.  But I do have to admit it’s nice to be able eat dinner without working up a sweat.

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2 Replies to “Money Saving Tips Have A Limit”

  1. Anonymous

    I have check and was SHOCKED that we were paying way more on our car insurance and have changed companies. And after going through my husbands job loss and unemployment of 14 months and now his job is so much farther away along with a major job cut we are giving up our house and going back to renting. We have done all the working out with BOA and they just keep going up on our “Fixed” payment.

  2. Anonymous

    I love the saying, “Live as though it is all up to you and trust God as though it is all up to Him.” I think this applies to finances as well. We need to be faithful and trust God with the rest.

    I lost my husband in an accident when my first 2 children were ages 1 and 4. God provided….Then I lost my second husband to cancer when my 3 children were ages 20,17, and 11. I struggled but continue to trust God, even through the difficult financial crisis. I couldn’t always see how things would work out, but I continue to trust Him. He created everything – how could I not trust Him with my family’s life? God has met our needs in every way, above and beyond my expectations. And no matter what happens, no one can take the love of Christ away from me.

    God has sent yet another husband and father to my children my way. My faith continues to grow as I see His awesome provision in every area of our lives. He is an amazing God! Never give up trusting Him!

    by a trusting child of the King

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