Your Favorite Christmas Movies: Results

The results of the Your Favorite Christmas Movies survey are in. I asked you to rank 15 movies with #1 being your favorite and #15 being your least favorite. Each #1 vote was worth 15 points and each #15 vote was worth 1 point. I tallied the total points earned by each title and then divided that number by the number of votes cast to get to the ranking score.

The number 1 Christmas movie is “It’s A Wonderful Life.” The top 5 titles on the list were separated by less than a single point. And there were two ties on the list, at #3 “A Christmas Carol” and “Miracle On 34th Street” each had a score of 9.76 points, but “A Christmas Carol” had more #1 votes, 6 to 1, so it shows up higher on the chart below. There was also a tie for #10, “The Nativity” and “The Muppet Christmas Carol” each had a score of 6.83 points and again the #1 votes, 2 to 1 in favor of “The Nativity,” were the tie breaker.

In all, 13 of the 15 titles received at least 1 #1 vote, the only two titles to not garner a #1 placed #14 and #15, “Scrooged” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” “A Christmas Carol” had the most #1 votes with 6, followed by “It’s A Wonderful Life” with 5 votes for #1. “Elf,” which came in at #2, was the only other title to receive more than 2 votes for #1 with 3.

Only four of the movies in the survey received more than 1 #15 (or last place vote), “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” had 8, “The Nativity” received 7, “March Of The Wooden Soldiers” had 5 and “The Muppet Christmas Carol” had 2 last place votes. And there were four films that didn’t get a single last place vote, “Miracle On 34th Street,” “A Christmas Story,” “Home Alone” and “White Christmas.”

See descriptions of all the titles here.

Thanks for participating. Maybe next year we’ll do a survey of favorite TV Christmas specials.

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